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10 Essential Principles of Effective Web Design

The importance of maintaining an interactive website with an appealing web design has often been understated. Consequently, most people fall into the trap of neglecting the opportunities that a good website design can bring to their business. People need to keep in mind that a functional website with robust usability and operating structure performs better on search engines. Performance is what influences engagement. Engagement demonstrates the effectiveness of the website. Web design is the symphony of pixels, the tapestry of intention woven through code and creativity.

The following are the top 10 web design principles required to develop an effective website:

1. Clear Purpose and Goal.

2. Responsive Design/ Choreography.

3. Intuitive Navigation.

4. Minimalistic Layout (Uncluttered).

5. Consistent Branding.

6. “F” Pattern Design.

7. Mobile Friendly

8. Typography

9. High-Quality Imagery and Media

10. Accessibility and Inclusivity

Providing your target audience with the best user experience will give you a boost in your traffic and revenue. Therefore, you must consider the important web design principles above before deciding on your web design.

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